Enfield chiropractors are health care professionals who specialise in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of neuromuscular disorders, and the effects of these disorders on general health. Chiropractors especially focus on treatment through adjustment and/or manipulation of the spine. Chiropractic is generally categorised as alternative medicine or complimentary medicine, and is the largest alternative medical profession.

chiropractic compression

As of 2013, chiropractors practice in over 100 countries all around the world; although they are most common in Australia, North America and parts of Europe. UK chiropractors often aspire to becoming primary care providers
The history of chiropractic¬†began in 1895 when Daniel David Palmer of Iowa performed the first chiropractic adjustment on a partially deaf janitor, Harvey Lillard. While Lillard was working without his shirt on in Palmers office , Lillard bent over to empty the trash can Palmer noticed that Lillard had a vertebra out of position. Palmer then asked Lillard what happened and Lillard replied, “I moved the wrong way and I heard a ‘pop’ in my back and that’s when I lost my hearing.” Palmer who was also involved in many vother natural healing philosophy’s had Lillard lay face down on the floor and Palmer proceeded with the adjustment. The very next day, Lillard told Palmer, “I can hear that rackets on the streets. Daniel David Palmer opened a school of chiropractic two years later in Lowa.

Chiropractors aim to reduce pain and improve the functionality of a patients body. Also to educate patients on how they can account for their own health through exercise, ergonomics and other therapies to treat back pain. Chiropractic subluxation is a specific focus of chiropractic practices. Re-establishing normal spinal movement is a treatment concept of chiropractic,which in turn alleviates the irritation to the spine nerve and/or re-establishes altered reflexes.
Manual therapy is another treatment technique, especially manipulation of the spine, other joints and soft tissue, however may also include exercises and health and lifestyle counselling.